Antiquity and Medieval Fortress on Foros Peninsula, Burgas


Antiquity and Medieval Fortress on Foros Peninsula – the predecessor of Burgas

If you want to find the historical spirit of Burgas and its long-kept oldest secrets, this is the place which will take you hundreds of years back in time…

The Foros Peninsula is located in the Poda area (in Kraymorie, one of Burgas’ neighbourhoods). In 2008, the first archaeological research was carried out; it found that there are still preserved remains of the lost city, predecessor and symbol of Burgas – the antiquity and medieval fortress and port Burgos / Poros. Here, on Foros, the archaeologists found remains of the mythical ancient tower, featured in the crest of Burgas. The findings prove that our city has a history of at least 20 centuries.

The fortress was built in the middle of 2nd century by the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius. It was created under the name of Poro (strait) and served to guard the strait of the Mandrensko Lake. In a dedicatory sign dated 2nd century, it says that along the borders of the Roman colony of Deultum, there were built burgi (fortresses), which is probably where the name of present day Burgas comes from. It was precisely here where the port of Deultum was located and it was guarded by the impenetrable fortress.

This area was also the arena of a famous battle during the Second Bulgarian State, which once again showed the relentless and powerful Bulgarian fighting spirit, which has astounded the world throughout the centuries. In the beginning of 14th century the Bulgarian Tsar Teodor Svetoslav began a campaign to the Black Sea Coast. His power spread over Rusokastro, Messembria, Anhialo, Sozopol and Agatopol. The Byzantine Emperor gathered a massive army to stop the Bulgarian rush. In 1304, the decisive battle took place at the bridge over the Mandrensko Lake, where the Byzantine army was crushed.