Village Debelt, Burgas


Located on 17 km southwest from Burgas at the north rand of the village Debelt, along the banks of Grudovska River. Direct access to the archaeological site from national road 79 direction Burgas - Lesovo border crossing to Turkey.Ancient and medieval town Deultum - Debelt was declared a national archaeological reserve in 1988.

Archaeological research have been conducted in Deultum for over 32 years. Revealed is part of the ancient city, founded in 69 AD by the Roman Emperor Vespasianus  as a colony of Roman soldiers from Legio octava Augusta . The archaeological studies in Deultum continue, at the moment a project for emergency conservation and restorations is being implemented. At the archaeological reserve there is a museum exposition and a small visitor complex, which are in process of renovation.

The most interesting sites in the archaeological reserve are:

Roman soldier's bathroom,public buildings and fortress from the 3rd-4th century,small medieval castle from the 5th-14th century on the south bank of the river,a church built at the time Tsar Boris I in the 9th century.