Akve Khalide, Burgas


Ancient and medieval city Akve Khalide - Thermopolis emerged around the hot mineral springs already in the 1st millennium BC during Thracian times. It was known as the most celebrated sanctuary of the Three nymphs, patrons of the mineral spring's healing craft.  At the beginning of the 2nd century AD the Roman Emperor Trajan built large bath complex - thermae and a road station called Akve Khalide meaning hot water. The baths became very famous throughout the Empire and during the 6th century the Byzantine Emperor Justinian the Great built a large fortification to protect them from invaders.In the centuries after, the healing powers of the mineral baths continued to be used by the people even thought the complex was almost destroyed.Since 2008, on the territory of Akve Khalide have been conducted regular archaeological surveys. Among the revealed parts of the ancient city are the bath complex, some public buildings, 6th-13th century church, the Justinian fortress wall, Thracian necropolis and sanctuary. In 2012 starts a program for restoration, socialization and exposure of the cultural values as well as development of infrastructure to access the monuments.