Peacocks ZOO, Burgas


In Burgas quarter of Sarafovo, at 8-9 km from Burgas toward resort of Sunny Beach by the road via Kableshkovo in begining of exit for mining settlement "Cherno more", is located the only in Bulgaria and the largest in Europe Peacocks ZOO & Farm.Here grow 25+ species of peacocks (such as green peacock from island of Java, bronze, peach, silver, purple, etc.), which in the words of the farm owner make it the richest collection of peacocks in Europe, where it is grown only 7 of varieties.The beautiful birds are housed in luxurious cells (aviaries), respectively covered and open-air, and equipped with all necessary facilities depends on the characteristics of the species. There is natural vegetation (trees and branches) where birds to walk and on which to shelter during the night.